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Bank Has Started Rupay Debit/ATM Card Service. For Rupay Card  Please Contact nearest Branch.

Interest Rates

Farmers Club

Farmers club helps farmers for their growth.
Self Help Group

Loans are sanctioned instanteneouly for Self Help group of women at 4% interest rate.

Branch Network
ATM Centers
Dead Account List


Loan Types
Sr. Loan Types
1 Loans to Sugar Factories and Spinning Mills
2 Loans to Industrial Co-operative Societies / Other Processing Societies
3 Loans to Kharidi / Vikri Sangh
4 Loans to Labour Societies
5 Loans to Milk Producing Societies
6 Home Loans for Farmers
7 Loan for Biogas Equipment and Erection
8 Retail Finance
9 Kisan Credit Card
10 Working capital loans for individual industries / Businessman / partnership firms in the district
11 Loans to Salary Earners co-op. societies.
12 Vehicle Loans for farmers


Medium Term / Long Term Loans
Sr. Loan Type
1 Electric Motor
2 Oil Engine
3 Submersible Pump Purchase
4 Cement/PVC Pipe line
5 Small Water Supply Scheme
6 Completion of incompletely built well, New well digging and construction, Construction of RCC / Stone of well
7 For Farmers to purchase agriculture land
8 Development of uncultivated land
9 Dairy Cattle
10 Purchase of Dairy Cattle 5 Nos
11 Independent Cowshed Construction
12 Purchase of Sheep (20 Sheep + 1 Male)
13 Purchase of Goats
14 Gobar Gas Plant erection loans
15 Purchase of Tractor ( Agriculture automation facility)
16 Purchase of Second Trolley  ( New loan requirement to be sent)
17 Purchase under Agriculture automation facility
18 Harvesting Machine
19 Loan for making Farm lake for Farmers – 9 years with 1 year relaxation
20 Pan Mala (for 0.4 He. )
21 Silk Industry
22 Tushar (Sprinkler)
23 H.T.P. Pump
24 Rose Garden (for 0.40 He)
25 For Nylon Net (for 0.40 He)
26 Power Spray Pump
27 Raisins Shed (Bedana)
28 Pomegranate  (Dalimb) Erection (for 0.40 He)
29 Grapes Garden Erection (Long Term)
30 Drip Irrigation for
31 Turmeric cooking machine
32 Pack House Construction for 600 Sq. ft.
33 Cultivation of Prawns in saline land of 1 he.
34 Green House : for 0.05 He
35 Under Non-conventional energy sources – Solar Energy