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SMS Alert facility will be provided to all the customers from 01.04.2014.

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Farmers club helps farmers for their growth.
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Loans are sanctioned instanteneouly for Self Help group of women at 4% interest rate.

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Loans for Biogas Equipment and Erection

Bank has made a tie-up with Yashwant Energy Pvt. Ltd. through Shiv UrjaPrakalp for setting up biogas plants in rural parts of the district. The consideration of bank behind this is the utility of biogas to farmers, nature conservation and carbon credit element. The farmers in the district can avail this loan of Rs. 21,000 at interest rate of 13% for a period of 7 years.  The farmer must have 10 R irrigated or 20 R non-irrigated land, also two guarantors with same land ownership are required. The applicant farmer has to mortgage his land on the name of bank, on 7/12 land document.