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SMS Alert facility will be provided to all the customers from 01.04.2014.

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Farmers club helps farmers for their growth.
Self Help Group

Loans are sanctioned instanteneouly for Self Help group of women at 4% interest rate.

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Vehicle loan to farmers.

Bank will provide vehicle loans to members of the primery Agricultural credit co-op. society (PACS) through PACS. Such loans were granted for considering the loan repayment capacity of the member and other aspect such as follows.

1. 75% of the basic price of Vehicle.
2. Maximum loan limit - Rs. 25.00 lacs.
3. Period of Loan - 7 years.
4. interest rate 1) For PACS - 12.50% p.a.
                         2) For Members - 13.50 % p.a.
5. Hypothecation charge created on Vehicle R.C. Book.