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SMS Alert facility will be provided to all the customers from 01.04.2014.

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Farmers Club

Farmers club helps farmers for their growth.
Self Help Group

Loans are sanctioned instanteneouly for Self Help group of women at 4% interest rate.

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Loans to Salary Earners Co-op. Societies.

Bank will provide cash credit loans to salary earners Co-op societies. for giving the loans to their members. such loans were granted for considering societies own funds, Audit class, security offered for loan ect. These loans were disbursed at interest rate of 12.50 % p.a. for the period 30 months with 25 monthly installments.

Loans to salary earners employees against their salary-

Bank provides cash credit loans to primary, higher secondary & college teachers, Govt. & Semi Govt. employees against their salary. Particulars for the same as under-

1. Maximum loan amount Rs. 15.00 Lakh
2. Rate of Interest 12.50 % p.a.
3. Period of loan - 10 years
4. Guarantee ;etter of paying Authority for deducation of monthly loan installament from salary given.
5. Required Guarantor - 3(Which confirm in the service)
6. Letter of paying Authority for service confirmation.
7. For loan amount Accidental insurance facility.