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Bank Has Started Rupay Debit/ATM Card Service. For Rupay Card  Please Contact nearest Branch.

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Farmers Club

Farmers club helps farmers for their growth.
Self Help Group

Loans are sanctioned instanteneouly for Self Help group of women at 4% interest rate.

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Selp Help Group

Requirements for establishing Self Help Groups

Sr. No. Particulars Completion
1 No. of members in group Minimum 10 or maximum 20 women
2 Members type Women from poor families
3 No. of meetings Twice in a month
4 Timing of meetings 7 am to 9 am or after 6 pm
5 No. of members participating in the meeting All members
6 No. of members attending in the meeting Above 90%
7 Savings to be made to the group Once in a month
8 Amount to be saved Amount decided after approval of all members
9 Group should finalize the rate of interest for the internal loan given to the members after approval of all member Maximum 2%
10 Utilization of total collected savings by the group To completely solve members problems
11 Recovery of loan given to members 100% required
12 Keeping accounts book All account registers must be regularly updated and maintained
13 Knowledge of Terms and conditions of the group must be given to the members All members must have clear knowledge of all terms and conditions
14 Educational qualification of members in the group More than 20% of members must be able to read and write

Loan Available in the ratio of savings

Sr. No. Reason for loan Limit of Loan in Rs. Period
1 1:1 Ratio Minimum Rs. 15000 & maximum up to total savings 1 year
2 1:2 Ratio Double of the total savings 2 years
3 1:3 Ratio Tripple of the toal savings 3 years
4 1:4 Ratio Four times of total savings and maximum Rs. 3.00 Laks 4 Years